4 Types Of Plumbing Scams And How To Detect It

Plumbing job is such a complex work that may require one a little knowledge. Though we can always find plumbers everywhere on the search engine results, this does not guarantee that their work is affordable. Sad to say that in this business, it is easy to get overcharging and other forms of frauding. Here are some of fraud deal and transaction with the plumber in your area that hdb plumbing contractors warns you about.

  1. Cutting Cost of Materials Used

One of the scams and fraud activity that unscrupulous plumbers did that we had discovered is on the materials being used. Since most of the quality materials such as the PEX pipes come at high prices, some plumbers will charge you the same for the material they used in an installation that is just alternative to it. The best way to beat this kind of frauding is to ask the plumber you contacted to list down the materials needed and ask the prices yourself at the hardware in the city. You will learn that the plumber can gain a lot of excess dollars in buying the alternative materials than the best and quality they ordered from you or you may also ask for the invoice. Check if it matches with the actual materials they buy before you allow the plumber to install it in your project. When this happens, run! Anyway, you still can get another plumber out there who are honest with their customers.

  1. Deploying More Human Force Than Necessary

Sometimes those frauding plumber is eager to close the deal by having you sign the contract fast, but as soon as they had the contract of the project and started the work, they deploy too many workers for the job. Some of them are just practicing or on an apprentice and not really expert in plumbing works. When you try to ask why there had been too many workers around they will try to reason out that they had subcontract for the workforce and you be surprised with the hourly rates to these workers. Ask why the worker is needed for the job and you may be able to save from unnecessary labor fee.

  1. Plumbers Charging Base On How Capable You Are To Pay

Some plumbers, upon seeing that the person who contracted them are well-off may charge doubles especially if they had a hunch that you do not know how much to pay. They will assume that you are the type of client who can pay for how much they ask or charge. In order to avoid this circumstance, make sure that before you close the deal you had already ask other plumbers for the estimated cost of the labor as well as for the cost of materials.

  1. Avoiding Releasing a Written Estimation

Some plumbers are so good at talking with their customers and clients. They will always agree to your conditions to have an itemize estimation written on a paper and yet, after weeks they will not furnish one for you then they will surprise you with the total cost after a week of work. Beware, this type of plumber may not have sympathy for the protest and haggling from their customer so you will end up paying the charge which is thrice or twice higher than the supposed cost.

There are too many homeowners that are worried that they might get scam by the plumbers they contracted but if you only be prudent and wise, you can avoid being scam or trap in overprice contract with the plumbers. Ask a detailed estimation and more questions to the plumbers before agreeing with them.

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