Review On The Best Juice Blenders

Juicing is an excellent method to increase your nutrient intake or to enjoy a variety of different vegetables and fruits. It is also an easy way to obtain nutrients from many different fruits and vegetables in a single serving. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for a juicer in order to make healthy and nutritious juices at home.

But you may be wondering how to find the models of juice blender malaysia that operate efficiently as juicers. Here is a list of some of the top-rated blenders you can use for juicing.

  1. Ninja Mega BL770 Kitchen Blender

According to a juice blender review, this is one of the best blenders you can use for juicing. This powerful blender is reasonably priced and features chopping, blending, and single-serve capabilities.

The Ninja Mega BL770 comes with a 1,500-watt motor that is able to handle juicing just about any vegetable or fruit that you can think of. The set includes a 64-ounce food-processing bowl, a 72-ounce plastic pitcher, along with 2 16-ounce cups that come with travel lids. This blender also has a modern and straightforward 5-button interface, along with a dedicated single-serve button. You can also juice directly into one of the travel cups, making this blender extremely convenient for on-the-go juicers.

2. Vitamix 1782 Blender

For those looking for one of the high-end models, the Vitamix TurboBlend 1782 Two Speed Blender comes with durable blades, an easy-to-use interface along with extremely smooth juicing and blending capabilities.

This 10-pound blender also features a 64-ounce Tritan blending pitcher, along with durable laser-cut blades made from stainless steel. The interface is straightforward with 2 buttons and 2 speeds. The 2-horsepower motor features built-in thermal protection and a radial-cooling fan, which ensures the machine will not overheat even when you are juicing hard fruits or vegetables.

3. Breville Juicer Blender BBL620

The Fresh and Furious Breville BBL620 comes with multiple convenient features. However, it is one of the more pricey blenders and the motor is less powerful when compared to other models.

This 11.35-pound machine features robust stainless-steel blades, automated overload protection, and a 50-ounce Tritan pitcher. The blending container may feature an attractive and interesting design, but the plastic body feels cheap and the interface is complicated, which makes this blender appear less than its high-end price. The interface comes with 3 presets, a timer, and green smoothie and smoothie programs. Some of the highlights of this juicer include a self-cleaning button along with a juicing cone.

4. Ninja Blender BL660WM

The Ninja BL660WM Blender is reasonably priced and comes with a dedicated single-serve feature and multiple speeds. This model is loud and weighs in at 10.45 pounds. It also features a relatively strong 1,200-watt motor, that accommodates 3 speeds, along with a single-serve and pulse setting. The package comes with a 72-ounce pitcher along with 2 16-ounce travel cups and lids.

This Ninja Blender is attractive but has a less durable and cheaper feel. Customers that have purchased this blender have mentioned that the blender works well with greens. It also comes with a one-year basic warranty that only covers the motor.

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